Friday Happy: How long you gonna be, mate?

Slow posting this week because I’m headed to England on Tuesday and slammed to the wall against deadlines until then.

This’ll be my first trip to England. My conceptions of Britain, as filtered through my pop culture education:

Overly obsequious mannerisms towards inter-species intruders

Silly walkers

Regicidal gutter punks

Hormone-addled teenagers carrying dangerous class 5 weapons

Cross-dressing history buffs

And, of course, brutal and terribly dry humour. Here’s an example of how the original Office was so much better than the American version (hint: it wasn’t a sitcom).

Oh Britain, I long for your awkward pauses and reserved tempers. See you soon, mate.

One response to “Friday Happy: How long you gonna be, mate?

  1. the author of Harry Potter actually went to my school. the bathroom scene in I think the first movie with moaning myrtle was inspired by bathrooms on campus. also, a really funny Brit show is the InBetweeners. you might not understand it b/c its like a whole different language but its hilarious.

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