When the blogosphere and the bangosphere collide

Do bad things happen when self-important bloggers and devastatingly destructive gunpowder engineers join forces?

From my roommate (who practically pleaded not to be mentioned by name here, a fear I totally understand as the growing number of possible secks offenders from Jakarta looking at a picture of Amy Adams on this site is becoming alarmingly large):

If I had a blog, these fireworks from this weekend would totes be up on it. Since I don’t, they’re yours if not too blurry or out of date. Taken at my uncle’s cabin in (not kidding) Spread Eagle, Wisconsin. Note: there is no internet connection, or even a computer, there. These fireworks, thus, were a dear consolation for me.

up north der hey 033

fireworks still in beta version

up north der hey 018

140 sparklers or less?

Guesses at what they do? Answers after the jump.

My guess was that Google distracts you with a simple yet very impressive and accessible display, making you not notice that the fireworks company has slowly and resolutely taken over all aspects of your life.

The Twitter display involves hundreds of tiny, mildly interesting bursts while the explosions only pretend to be interested in you so you will continue to pay attention to them. Also, it sets newspapers on fire.

Actual answers (er, sort of), from my roommate:

The google one just spins around in circles like a top while spewing sort of mild, sprinkler-like sparkles around in a disc shape … until the end when it just goes all nuts. The Twitter one is kind of a fountain thing I think…but I was kind of toasted by the time we blew that one off. I actually have saved some googles so you can see for yourself someday if you like! They’re tame enough that I don’t even think they’d burn a hole in our “toilet paper on top of wet cardboard” roof.

As a side note, Inverted Soapbox can confirm that Spread Eagle is a real town in Wisconsin. Make sure to Twitter this news out to everyone you know, just remember to light the fuse away from your facebook.

2 responses to “When the blogosphere and the bangosphere collide

  1. Haha! I really enjoyed this nutty post, and would also love to know where you get the nifty voter-star plugin for WP. I gave you 5 out of 5 stars for this one. More!

    @Glowbird on Twitter

  2. It’s a new feature they added that I just discovered last night. It’s under the widgets page on the dashboard. You can add the voting, and the rate up/down features for comments, posts and pages. You’re the first one to vote since I installed it!

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