Web clip: Meetup.com people want your cartography, wingman skills (UPDATED)

(From Brokelyn, 7/21) If you’re one of those whiling away your summer meetupplaying Sotomayor-confirmation-hearing drinking games (”They said ‘litmus test!” Shot!”), you probably could be doing a lot more to entertain yourself. There are, after all, hundreds upon hundreds of people out there in the borough casting out blind but optimistic fishing lines of friendship on the internet, looking for Scrabble buddies, book club members and even fellow unemployeds to fill out a work day morning pick-up soccer game. It’s called Meetup.com, and it sometimes reads like a wonderful post-college campus activities handbook.

You could spend the whole week Meeting up with different groups and expanding your horizons without spending too much money. Here’s a look at what the week ahead has to offer:

Read the rest here. (do it!!) [link fixed]

UPDATE: this part of the post was originally accidentally deleted when it went up, which disappointed me, but now it’s back!

You can start your week with the hope of casual anonymous sex at theUrban Swinger Party at 10 p.m. Monday. Ladies: wear your skimpiest attire; Men: shorts and tanks (but no denim shorts, guys. This is not Nam, it’s swinging. There are rules). $20 for single ladies, $50 for couples and $75 for single dudes. We don’t know what snake dancing has to do with it, but that’s the picture they posted (because “naughty sizzlin’ excitement” wasn’t enough?).

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