You should wear a helmet when you interview me

I met up with Faye, the editor of Brokelyn, yesterday afternoon for an interview she was doing with a Japanese producer, who was gathering some preliminary research for a possible short doc about recession-era blogging in the US. She handed me her card, which identified her employer as “NHK Enterprises America.”

NHK TV? Where had I heard that before? Is it because NHK is the Japanese version of PBS? No, that couldn’t be it. Then I remembered:

TKO from Tokyo

TKO from Tokyo

“Where is the NHK TV camera? Hello, Tokyo!”

(Piston Honda, from a Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! cut scene, those typically racially insenstive sequences that used such great lines as “I can’t drive, so I’m gonna walk all over you!” because, as everyone knows, the Soviets were so evil they took away everyone’s cars, even the boxers’).

I’m still amazed at how much brain space my primary living room recreational activities between 1985-1994 still occupy. Sigh. Join the Nintendo Fun Club, Tim, I guess.

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