Friday Happy: Golem vs. bros death match

I couldn’t resist posting this video for several reasons, enumerated after our feature presentation and the jump:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[via FreeWilliamsburg]

1. I recently finished re-reading Kavalier and Clay, one of my favorite books of the past 10 years and one in which the idea and mythology of golems plays very heavily into the themes of wanting to succeed at aims beyond our mortal reach.

2. The voice of the Golem is freaking H. Jon Benjamin, whose body of work is so hilarious he’s certainly the most reliable comic voice actor of this generation, one who assures that any project to which he has entrusted his (notroiously selective) talents will be comically rewarding. He is a stalwart of the Adult Swim lineup who pops up in any show worth watching, and his live action stuff on Human Giant (where he once played Bruce Willis) is often the highlight of the episode.

His roles include:

Coach McGuirk and Jason, the two best characters from the brilliant improv-cartoon Home Movies

The can, from Wet Hot American Summer

The son on Dr. Katz (Jonathan Katz also plays the rabbi in the above video)

The Master, from Venture Bros., once materializing in the form of Catherine the Great’s horse

Mr. Sticks

Mr. Sticks

Mr. Sticks, from The Broodwich episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force,

probably the finest episode of that show and an entry in the Adult Swim All Time Hall of Fame

And Satan, from Lucy Daughter of the Devil, from which we get the following line:

Bec (Satan’s assistant): It just seems so elaborate. Why does everything have to be about temptation?

Satan: Bec, everything doesn’t have to be about temptation, but sometimes it’s so … hard to resist.

and 3. Lulz at hipsters bros! As much as this video lampoons everyone’s favorite Billyburg punching bags, the real joke here is on the bros. The video subversively makes the point that as much as we like to laugh at hipsters, we can all agree on one thing: at least they’re not bros. Hipsters and bros are mortal enemies, as we know from this post on Stuff Hipsters Hate.

This reminded me of the time Hipster Grifter victim Chris and I wandered into The Gate in Park Slope in December. Chris, whose pale, scrawny, Threadless-clad frame could not in any way shape or form ever be confused for a bro, pointed to the TV and asked the gruff, bearded bartender if he happened to catch the score of the UAB game.

“Beats the shit out of me man,” the bartender said, visibly perturbed that we had mistaken his bar as a place deemed acceptable of discussing organized sports, despite the flat-screen television above the bar tuned to Sports. “It’s just a box of light to me.”

Good thing that bartender wasn’t a manticore.

One response to “Friday Happy: Golem vs. bros death match

  1. Great video. Speaking of manticores, check out this mythical creature Venn Diagram:
    Mythical Creatures

    And I hate how into their roles some bartenders get. Where’s the genuine side of some of these guys?

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