This Week in Great Sentences

Maybe the only time Pat Conroy and a particular brand of naughty bits have appeared together in the same blog post?


What fresh hell is this?

David Carr, “You’re gone. But, hey, you can reapply,” NYT 8/30, commenting on The (Westchester) Journal News’ plan to force 288 news and advertising employees to reapply for their jobs.



God can forgive a lot of things but he can’t forgive what we’ve done to Bluffton, South Carolina.

author Pat Conroy, as quoted by Justin Paprocki, “Pat Conroy returns with Charleston-based novel,” Island Packet 8/23


Whether or not his compass was finally true, he endured as the battered, leaky vessel through which the legislative arts recovered some of their lost glory.

Sam Tanenhouse, “In Kennedy, the last roar of the New Deal liberal,” NYT 8/30


There is only one way to make money at writing, and that is to marry a publisher’s daughter.

George Orwell, Down and Out and Paris and London, 1933


Dildos, like cars and chocolate bars, are produced on assembly lines, and the

at the factory

at the factory

operatives who busy themselves molding, massaging, and cleaning them are not the sweaty-palmed phallophiles you might think they are. They’re about as normal as an average German mother, albeit one who might turn a blind eye to the bondage gear littering your living room when she makes a surprise visit.

Conor Creighton,” Surrogate Cocks, Inc.,” Vice Magazine (sometime earlier this summer)

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  1. Quoting Vice? What is the world coming to?

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