UPDATE: An elegant news feed for a more frustrating age

More on the previous post about the free New York Times iPhone app. So, it’s free, right? Good for those of us riding the broke-but-informed train. But what about ads? From the FAQ:

Does it cost anything to use the NYTimes iPhone application?

No. The NYTimes iPhone application is free to download and use. Please note that in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection, the NYTimes iPhone application uses your iPhone’s cellular network connection to access and download content. Please check with your carrier to see if you will be charged for usage, especially while traveling.

Does the NYTimes iPhone application include advertisements?

Yes. The NYTimes iPhone application has display ads in fixed positions on article pages and summary pages. On article pages in landscape mode, no ads appear.

So what are these ads? They’re house ads offering 50 percent off HOME DELIVERY. ReallY??!?!?what that faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakldjfa;lkjflkhal;f dlkfljesajfw;o4qtqtutuut4t8u96yt4804qgh8[hg[kdjfoi9r3ur9u2 m9c 323;lkmvrfm4j;qjqwwiufjnvmvkdfgk;df;jfa.d3904;lkj;fjdka;fknvnm,ccvnnnvmvcnmcnm,vcnmnosaehijwqoipiejqifja;d;asjfjadlk kdjl;dkslajfkl;dsjflk;jsaklf;fk;jsdf;9ewq93afd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seriously, NYT, demographically target me. Probe into my usage data and sell me something I’m powerless to resist. Zoey Deschanel’s cotton wardrobe. Indie-soundtracked youthful revivals. Hell, even try to get me to buy more of the product I already have. I’ll take it.

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