Web clip: Fjording home from Ikea

[From Brokelyn 11/11]

What’s the cheapest (and easiest) way to get your stuff home from Ikea?

Picture 57

The author boards the bus. Photo by Eric Reichbaum.

Ikea is practically its own sovereign Swedish colony on the banks of the Gowanus Bay. So it only makes sense that the store has its own intricate system of transit involving everything save for aircraft (so far, at least). But which mode of transport is the best for you? And by that, of course, we mean: which one is the cheapest? Herein then we lay out the specific costs of all the different ways to transport your Ektorp or Aspelund back to your apartment so you can choose smartly, and not fall into the fjord of poor decisions.

READ THE REST. It smells like Lingonberry pancakes.

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