Friday Happy: This junkie’s gone to 7-11

1987? via P4k

Did Weird Al ever take on The Pixies at any point during his illustrious (not being sarcastic) career? Was there ever a “Where is my Mime?” or a “Caribou: Canadian Love Song”? or at least a “I Bleed (Hemophilia part 1)”?  I don’t have any recollection of any parodies, nor does Pazz and Jop contributor Jeff Vrabel, who has met and interviewed Al, Weird on more than one occasion,  but maybe we missed one.

Regardless, (most of) the Pixies and Weird Al finally joined absurdist, irreverent forces this week at a benefit for Baby Winston Bertrand at LA’s Echo Park. Why is this cool? Two things:

1) The Pixies are, and always have been, awesomefaced.

2) Weird Al is somehow a cooler celebrity now than he was at any time since his FAT days.

thanks to Jeff Vrabel for the link. Vrabel also posits that the absence of Kim Deal in the above video is no doubt to their 1993 beef over Al’s proposed Breeders parody “Wallyball.”

Think about it — just think about it: circa 1988, had I told you that in 20 years (20 years!) we’d be seeing Weird Al and The Pixies killing it on stage sounding just as crucial as always (while meanwhile Michael Jackson had died a weird pariah); you would have laughed me out of your Thundercats Fort of Power and Magic.

And a bonus, for anyone who actually got down this far! (anyone? any….one?)

The University of Maryland, and some of its illustrious alumni and staff, wishes you a happy holiday season. How many can you name?

Connie, Maury, Scott VP, Gary, CD Mote Jr., and so forth. Missing from this clip: Boomer, Cribbster, Carl, Larry, and David. And at the end … wait, why is Testudo stalking girls in the library? OMG, he was the McKeldin Masturbator all along!

3 responses to “Friday Happy: This junkie’s gone to 7-11

  1. I love how Gary just stares at it, expressionless, like a friggin’ huge-ass idiot.

  2. Surprisingly, that’s not a completely terrible ad. At the same time, I didn’t have the sound on, so let me know if that pushes it over the edge.

  3. it pushes it over the edge.

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