they have teh internet on computers now?

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Updated from the Boerum Hill branch of the Internet.

Things Tim Donnelly would bring you from the Internet, were that he had an ad:

  • Cheap Beer Related Items
  • Information on Local Vegan Recipes Being Tried in the Kitchen Right Now
  • #HowCribbsBrokeHisHand
  • A Clean-Shaven Face (for advertising purposes)
  • Muppet-Related Amusements
  • Much More (& More)

Jim Donnelly’s blog, which I can only assumes gets dramatically more hits than this one, with Facebook tips such as:

Farmville’s Awkward Grammar

Commentary: does it irritate you how Farmville, etc. uses the word “their” instead of “his” or “her”? It’s grammatically correct to do that when you don’t know the gender of a person, but it just doesn’t sound right when you know their name!

2 responses to “Brother?

  1. This was the guy Fox News interviewed about the Calverts, wasn’t it

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