Inverted Soapbox’s requisite 09 best albums of 09 list

In no particular order, except a numerical one:

9. Japandroids – “Post Nothing”

8. Girls – “Album”

7. Generationals – “Con Law”

6. Passion Pit – “Manners”

5. The XX – “XX”

Quiet and understated on first listen, the slow rhythms on songs like “VCR” creep up on you with a subversive hauntingness.

4. Dirty Projectors – “Bitte Orca”

Inventive and fun, if challenging at times, clearing the path for Quirk to keep finding its way into the music scene.

3. Florence and the Machine – “Lungs”

Can’t. Stop. Listening. I’ve never heard a voice hit like a cymbal so hard as  on “Dog Days are Over.” Also, I think Florence may be the indie rock version of Lady Ga Ga. I’m ok with this.

2. Rural Alberta Advantage – “Hometowns”

The Canadian troupe picks up where Neutral Milk Hotel left off but smooths out some of the sharper corners. They also win for best band name of the year.

1. The Avett Brothers – “I and Love and You”

As perfect a pop album as you could ask for, with equal parts Beatles harmonizing, slow back-porch pickin’, and a gnarly hybrid of punk and North Carolina roots music, best described as “slamgrass.”

honorable mentions: Mos Def – “The Ecstatic,” VA– “Dark Was the Night,” The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – S/T

6 responses to “Inverted Soapbox’s requisite 09 best albums of 09 list

  1. What, no Paramore? “Brand New Eyes” fuckin’ smashed it this year.

  2. I’m just glad there’s no Grizzly Bear.

  3. Pedro the Lion

    I can’t stand the Avett Brothers and their new brand of super emo-folk-country whining.

  4. albums. how cute.

  5. if by albums you mean “itunes mp3 images”

  6. I also must protest this band called “Jap Androids,” by the way. I think we’ve successfully transcended our Pacific Theater biases.

    You racist.

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