Web clip: the great Brooklyn booze up

Tom Potter sends you booze

Tom Potter loves getting you drunk, and he will at New York Distilling Co

(Brokelyn, 1/19) You knew we had some breweries, maybe you knew we had a winery, and now it looks like Brooklyn will have the holy trinity of booziness: hard liquor distilleries. Say it with me now: “Brooklyn Whiskey.” It just sounds right, doesn’t it?

The Daily News reports today on three distilleries planning to open this spring—the first of their kind in Brooklyn since Prohibition, according to the Daily News. The first of the featured new booze factories is Breuckelen Distilling on 19th Street in Sunset Park, opened by Brad Estabrooke, who quit a fancy sounding financial services career in favor of making gin for locavores (huzzah!).

READ THE REST or no whiskey for you

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