Friday Happy: Team 90s

UPDATE: This clip of Stewart screaming “Team Conan” last night (last on the page)

Nothing could be a more harmonious wrap-up to the events of this week than this clip from woah back in nineteen94, which, in case you forgot just how old we are, was SIXteen years ago. It’s the now semi-legendary Conan interview on The Jon Stewart Show.

There we sat in line for The Daily Show on Tuesday, where the predominant conversation topic throughout much of the line was the shitty ouster of Conan at NBC, and moderate discussion of trying to find an actual Team Leno member so as to dissect their brain and understand how their mal humours interact.

Notice! The breezy rebel style of the grunge era where leather jackets fit well with blue jeans and black boots. Notice! Two bright-eyed young media titans still unsure of their ultimate, zeitgeist-shifting destinies in the world. And is Conan wearing flannel? Yes, he’s wearing flannel.

In case you doubted the 90sness of this clip, notice: “…we’ll be right back with more Conan O’Brien and URGE OVERKILL” 90s!!

I’m including a bonus clip here, because I keep telling people about this show and they have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s Jon Stewart’s first MTV show, “You Wrote It, You Watch It,” wherein viewers sent letters (ha!) to MTV, which were then acted out by sketch comedians. The series starred The State comedy troupe before they got their own show and went on to very much influence the pop culture quotations I referenced during middle and high school.

This is the only clip of that show I could find on the internets, and it is a terrible one full of this girl’s explanations of her bangling 80s hangover style. But it sorta gives an idea what the show was about. Then at the end there’s a minute and a half of clips of this girl getting ready to go out 80s style. Please don’t watch this part. Unless you’re part of Team Leno, in which case, you may enjoy it.

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