Inverted Soapbox heartily endorses…

…a record-breaking 90-degree day in April.

wonder wheel!

I don’t have much to add to that, save for the fact that 90 degrees beaming down from above and the sand between your toes is enough to chase off those tax-day blues. Sometimes you just need to see the ocean to remind yourself that the world has an edge, and that the horizon does in fact stretch on to unchartable lengths only hinted at by the briney scent of the air mixing with coconut oil, Rihanna and weed smoke at Coney Island.

There was also this at Coney Island today, which is only relevant if you know Jim Faber.

or, Fabernation?

You probably don’t know Jim Faber, former Island Packet business reporter. If you do know him, did you know that Weekdays With Faber, our short-lived blog about the life and times in the United States of Jim, still exists in internet land? It contains this gem:

Faber then swung his hand in a downward fashion, intending to hit hands on the “flipside.” This move is known as the “windmill” and was popularized in the hit film Top Gun. I was not expecting the “windmill” and did not have my hand ready to receive his. Instead, his hand smacked my buttock.

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