LONG OVERDUE blogroll updates

In lieu of new posts, l@@K! ————————–>>>

Updated blog roll! links! deletion of bloggers who haven’t posted since 2008 (you know who you are)!

If you click on those (which I know you don’t, because the stats say you don’t) you’ll find a fresh batch of links in each section, and some new recommended reading. But seriously y’all: I had to pare down the “Friends” section quite a bit this time. Who’s got some new blog blood to spill? We need some freshness up in here.

3 responses to “LONG OVERDUE blogroll updates

  1. I just posted a tremendous review from Joan Didion’s “The White Album” that considered ’60s biker movies. She is a dark, dark lady. It’s kind of hot actually.

  2. glad I’m still yer friend!!! i’m gonna click all yer links now.

  3. Where do we send the fee t get on the blog log? I must have lost my bill. Oh wait, the milk man must have it.

    Oh well, I’ll still read you if you’ll drop by from time to time.

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