Evidence of media bias? Dislike button.

As first spotted by Megan Lovett:


This confirms it: the US media are totally in the tank for Team Coco. Hey, journalists, maybe this is why you SHOULDN’T PUT YOUR POLITICAL PREFERENCES ON FACEBOOK?? Remember after the ’08 election how many status updates you saw from reporters commenting on the outcome? The wall between public reputation and private life is crumbling rapidly, so let’s be careful out there and not think that you’re still just chatting among friends. To quote former reporter buddy Daniel Brownstein, who, in filling in the “Politics” part of his profile responded with “get me fired.”

(side note I don’t really think Overheard in the Newsroom is that funny to anyone who doesn’t work in that specific newsroom. The Fitz File/DBK Quote File/Hatchet Quote File were much more entertaining to me. Like button?)

2 responses to “Evidence of media bias? Dislike button.

  1. I do have to say that it seems like the overheard in the newsroom fans seem to include a bunch of ex-journalists, who maybe feel drunk with political suffrage.

  2. I used to be hardcore about this, but these days I feel like it doesn’t really matter. 1) Most journalists are writing about local politics, where it’s not so much about partisanship as it is personality, 2) who are we kidding?, and 3) isn’t time to just tell the truth? If my writing reflects any bias, it’s that I think you’re all idiots. Done.

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