LIVE teevee debut!

Team Brokelyn and Brian Lehrer

Brian Lehrer, Faye Penn (on screen), Rocky Mills and some hobo they pulled in off the street

So someone pointed out that I’m slouching. But whatever, at least I wasn’t biting my nails or sneezing uncontrollably. Brokelyn was invited to come on Brian Lehrer Wednesday, and the link to the video podcast is at the bottom, if you’re interested. This certainly beats previous sorta-live TV appearances, via Fox News.

As I wrote for Brokelyn (which may or may not appear on the actual site, it’s too early to tell):

So, here’s the thing: if you invite writers from a website dedicated to finding the glory and guile of brokeness around every corner to come onto your Manhattan-based high-def TV show, you shouldn’t be surprised when one of them ransacks the green room free pastry plate and soda table (and makes a to-go plate on the way out).

Pictured at left  is Team Brokelyn representing on Brian Lehrer Live Wednesday night (that’s Rocky Mills on the left, me on the right, coveting a slice of watermelon. Not pictured: Brokelyn founder Faye Penn, who was beamed into the studio via Skypellite ). We were invited on the venerable WNYC stalwart’s weekly CUNY television show to talk about fun things to do in New York City this summer without spending much money.We were the counterpoint to a guest from who talked about distinctly more ambitious travel options. What are some of the things we told Brian Lehrer? Well, surely you know already because you’ve been keeping up with your Brokelyn tips, where you’ve already read about easy to reach to hiking options, staycationing in South Brooklyn, flying a kite, nearby surfing, even some affordable Catskills rentals and maybe making prison-wine (a bathtub-sized amount, Lehrer suggested). Stay tuned in the next few weeks because we’re banging out way more tips about how to enjoy the best season of the year at the best prices (outdoor movies, beer deals, free music .. oh my).

This being Brokelyn’s live-TV debut, it was all a bit nerve-wracking, not to mention the fact that we were the least dressed-up folks in the whole studio (cleaning guy included). But that’s never bothered us before, and the show’s staff was super friendly and fun to work with. Want to see how it went? You can get the FREE video podcast through iTunes,and also learn from other guests about Greenpoint’s oil spill that was twice as big as the Exxon Valdez and budding new rooftop agriculture.

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  1. You got a haircut!

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