Web clip: How to be the only person over 16 at Great Adventure

Day trippin’ it: Great Adventure for a greater price

Don't scream! Save money on Great Adventure photo by Flickr user jasuellr(Brokelyn, 7/21) First thing you need to know about the amusement park in Jackson, NJ: it’s called Great Adventure, not “Six Flags.” The biggest regional theme park in the country, with its 13 roller coasters, drive-through safari and water park, puts lesser permutations of the Six Flags name to shame. It’s always been a fun place to go with your youth group or whatnot, with someone else picking up the tab. But can you, as a broke city kid, satiate your desire for summer thrills of the ultra high-velocity variety that Coney Island just can’t offer? You can! And here’s how:

One slight disclaimer: When we visited the park earlier this summer for the first time in a decade, we found it ain’t the imagination wonderland and cartoon-character forest of the past. Perhaps due to the company’s recent bankruptcy woes, Six Flags has sold basically every square inch of the park as ad space. The Great American Scream Machine? Yeah, those screams are brought to you by Axe body spray. Even the poor summer-job teens announcing ride safety rules have been reduced to shilling for Johnny Rockets.

But, despite all that, the park has Kingda Ka, the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, which sends you hurtling 45 stories at 128 mph, which is, we can confirm, pretty freaking sweet.

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