Friday Happy: A pop culture bob-omb


Even if you weren’t familiar with the totes awesome Scott Pilgrim series, it’s already clear today’s release of the Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World the movie is heralding in a cultural phenomenon on the level of Napoleon Dynamite (by that I mean a sleeper late-summer hit driven by geek-energy that consumes the mainstream. By that I hope I don’t mean we’ll be seeing “Team Scott” T-shirts on middle aged house dads or key chains that spew Wallace Wells quotes sold in Spencer Gifts).

Early reviews from the SP-geek illuminati have been strong, so there’s every hope that this will save the blah summer movie season. Or at least get rid of the general numbness in my face caused by The Expendables.

The reason to be hopeful here is the apparent fealty to the source material from director Edgar Wright, who, in his previous films, has exhibited the rarefied art of balancing parody and reverence for the genre in question (zombies, cop movies, manga). As a testament to that, someone made a video swapping out the live-action trailer for its original Brian Lee O’Malley book art.

(via Lars)

BONUS: Watch Scott Pilgrim Vs. Animation, from adult swim! Featuring the back story on Kim and Scott’s relationship, and some great River City Ransom references. 

I think it may be safe to say our apartment has the highest concentration of HUGE Scott Pilgrim fans in all of Brooklyn, thanks to living with aforementioned SP evangelist. So excitement has been running high for months, and I can barely wait to see it tomorrow evening. Look for me at the theater:

destroy all vegans

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