Super Mario: 25 years reppin’ Brooklyn

Let’s say you’re in bed a little bit longer in the morning than usual due to the previous night’s very fun but very nerve-wracking stand-before-and-audience-and-talk event. Let’s say a friend recently gave you access to her Netflix Instant password, and you just realized the wealth of nostalgic 80s cartoons on the site (Voltron … vehicle edition anyone??). Maybe you notice things you’ve never seen before. Like, apparently, the Mario Bros. lived in Dumbo?

Plumbers: the first step to gentrification

via the Super Mario Bros. Super Show starring Capt. Lou Albano.


16-bit DUMBO, via

Maybe you would have read about them in the local print media at the time:

Brooklyn Times was in the tank for the Marios

Apparently in 1989 Brooklyn Times, you could buy a front-page centerpiece display ad, which crowded out the lede story about a teacher’s union contract. Does anyone know if the cartoon counts as canon? My guess is not, seeing as I don’t remember Cyndi Lauper appearing in any game.

Anyway, I know it’s 10 days late, but happy 25th anniversary Mario! Who knew that when my mom bought you used from some local college kids for my fifth birthday that you’d implant yourself in our collective consciousness  be the most influential art form of our generation.

#Sigh. I’m going back to bed.

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