A time for turtles

In honor of our trip to Boston this weekend to see the Maryland Terps beat up on the Bro-town College Smeagles, I present to you this still shot from Modern Family featuring three of my favorite things: 1) turtles, 2) a Shel Silverstein reference and 3) Ed O’Neil.

can I get a whoooa Terps

Shel Turtlestein! This show is good for no other reason than it returns Ed O’Neill to the spotlight. Throwback clip: “Ed O’Neill: TV’s Little Giant,” from all the way back in March of 2007, for The Guide.

2 responses to “A time for turtles

  1. “Modern Family” is good for many more reasons than Ed O’Neill. It’s the best comedy on television. Even the cable channels don’t have anything as good. Which is ironic because it’s the cable channels that forced the networks to air content like “Modern Family.” Regardless, Manny is funnier than Ed O’Neill. So is Phil. Cam is the funniest guy on that show.

  2. Community is way better. Modern Family is funny despite itself for still trying to be a sitcom. Community is funnier because it tears down all the conventions of traditional television storytelling.

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