Friday Happy: Trash, go pick it up

In honor of a week where it was all trash-picking, all the time:

Morrissey covering the NY Dolls* classic “Trash,” live in Dallas 1991.

The week culminated in this: Water bottle bill boosts city recycling – and collectors’ profits, which was the first time my picture appeared in the Daily News since I was spotted getting into a limo outside Pumps with A-Rod and Suri Cruise.

That picture does little to disuade people from thinking we’re actual homeless people (I swear, ladies: Conal and I have jobs. Sort of).  So perhaps this is more appropriate video for today:

While this line is true: I have here some newspaper thirteen months old, just reiterating: we have jobs and homes. Though not much else.

Fun personal fact: Inverted Soapbox’s dad was a huge, unironic Buster Poindexter fan. I was well into high school before I even learned Buster Poindexter was supposed to be ironic. I was then well into college before someone told me Buster and David Johansen were the same person. #damnsuburbs.

One response to “Friday Happy: Trash, go pick it up

  1. Dad also was a fan of the NY Dolls…I know this because he once bought mom their cd for xmas and when she opened it and was like ‘wtf?’ he said “oh you don’t like the NY Dolls? I’ll take it!”

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