This Week in Great Sentences

been sloooooow posting here of late, but the posts will be coming faster, I promise I promise.

Theme this week: clowning around.


Within minutes, Cruise is screeching with desperate hilarity, teeth bared, a wreck, and Letterman is sitting back—replete, as if he has swallowed Cruise’s self possession. Mission accomplished.

-James Parker, “Infinite Jesters,” The Atlantic, December 2010.


The quotes from it, though accurately transcribed, are made to function as lies by being placed in an utterly mendacious context. Bruck’s article is the “source” of these smears only in the sense that the brooks of the Catskills are the “source” of New York City’s sewage.

-Hendrik Hertzberg, “Puppetry,” New Yorker, on defending the New Yorker’s profile of George Soros against its use by Glenn Beck, Nov. 29. 


And as much as part of me wants desperately to be considered cool and smart enough to work with you guys, there is another part of me that just can’t get past being annoyed that a generation of talented twenty- and thirty-somethings with years of working at dead magazines and newspapers under their belts are unemployed, quasi-employed, and spinning their wheels on Tumblr because the future belongs to people who have never not had an email address.

-Emily Gould, An Open Letter to Tavi Gevinson and Jane Pratt,” The Hairpin, Nov. 19, on the forthcoming new publication from ridiculously young fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson and Sassy and Jane founding editor Jane Pratt.


The Times still believes in reality based journalism. Which is unfortunately a dwindling commodity.

-Pulitzer-winner Chris Hedges, The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC, Nov. 22.

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