All the news that’s fit to like

There was a time when I thought the WaPo website was the future of online journalism. via BuzzFeed via EatLiver

I stopped feeling that way a long time ago.

2 responses to “All the news that’s fit to like

  1. I dont see what’s so objectionable. I mean, yeah there’s a lot of Facebook links there. I don’t see how that invalidates the site.

  2. From the original thread’s comments:

    hejhula (Monday, 13 Dec 2010) Reply
    Zero Facebook buttons would have been just OK.
    Did you know that Facebook logs what pages you are reading, if the page has any facebook widget in it?
    Even after you log out of facebook, the browser still sends cookie every time some facebook widget is requested. So they know, who is it reading.
    evw (Tuesday, 14 Dec 2010)
    Here’s a set of Adblock Plus rules to block access to facebook from non-facebook sites:

    Now when I look at WaPo, or any other site, I don’t see any of that crap. Thank you, AdBlock!

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