Chaos defeated mutiny

So addicting. So fascinating.

Google’s Ngram viewer, searching the frequency of terms in books from 1800-2000.

Mutiny vs. chaos

Reporter vs. journalist vs. editor

Drugs vs. alcohol

Vegetarian vs. vegan vs. carnivore

Mario vs. Luigi

Surf vs. ski

boooooooo skiing.

Hanukkah vs. Christmas vs. Kwanza

Make your own here.

2 responses to “Chaos defeated mutiny

  1. From Wikipedia:
    The Indian rebellion of 1857 was a period of armed uprising in India against British colonial power, and was popularly remembered in Britain as the Indian Mutiny or Sepoy Mutiny. It is remembered in India as the First War of Independence.

    Possibly a reason for the uptick in “mutiny” in 1857-1860. The British Raj was in full swing so a minor Indian rebellion would probably set the scholars abuzz. After searching the texts referenced by Google from 1859-1870, I find I am correct.

  2. but what say you about the rise of chaos? was the ascendency of chaos in fact some sort of organized campaign?

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