The Year in Cracked Rearview

Seeing as I spend a lot of time writing here — which I do because I enjoy, though it’s hard to escape the feeling of always standing on a ledge and squealing into the abyss, along with thousands of other people who are screaming into their own self-indulgent voids — I figured I should give some content a small chance at a second life. Here then are the top 10 Inverted Soapbox posts of 2010, by traffic numbers. I’m not posting the actual traffic stats (because they would reveal exactly how vast and echoing the void truly is), and I will note that a vast majority of traffic to this site still comes from random google image searching, lingering Hipster Grifter fans or sloppy Beth Costentino stalkers. But a few, like the Chipotle one and the Amazon packaging rant, actually made legitimate rounds, though I was sad to see my interview with Darius Rucker did not create the huge traffic boost I was hoping for. YA USED ME DARIUS.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

1. The Demolition Man Prophecy
2. All Summer/Drinking Water
3. New Chipotle burrito and where to get it
4. In the Amazon, down with trees, up with packaging
5. blog piracy? [Jaws music]
6. On the 6 train, they came to snuff the rooster
8. ValenTimes Day Happy: ‘Let’s do it AP Style’
9. VIDEO: Tim Gunn and Charlie Beckerman make Hulk feel angry, démodé
10. A decade without meat

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