Humor on deep background

Esoteric journonerd comic, via the always entertaining Ironic Sans:

Shameless self-promotion: An interview I did with former FBI deputy director (and Hilton Head resident) Deke DeLoach on the day the Deep Throat secret was revealed. DeLoach occupied the office next to Felt at the FBI for years, said: “Knowing him and knowing what a professional person he was and how loyal to the FBI he was … and his disdain in dealing with the press, I find it incredible.”

Super shameless, wayback self-promotion: The time I interviewed Ben Bradlee in an elevator of the hotel used to spy on the Watergate building for the GW Hatchet. I’m amazed this is still online, but it’s missing quotation marks. I’m also amazed that I wrote this in 2000, making me, officially, 479 journalism years old.

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