Cathy is over, but she can live on your wrist forever

Despite all, paper still makes up 1/3 of all recycling in the world. The other two thirds, as you well know, is mostly discarded Zunes and a small portion of unopened Mountain Dew Orange Live Wire.

Newspapers are still somewhat of a more artful use of dead tree than your average stereo installation manual or phone book. Fresh information, printed every day, always different in almost entirety from the day before (the gross inefficiency of chopping down, transporting, pulping, printing and shipping news in this way for information with  life span of a day does seem a bit odd, in retrospect). So what to do with all those old papers when there just aren’t enough birthday presents to wrap?

The folks at Peachy Green have put together an interesting collection of creative uses found online for old papers.

Made of three steel bars and 334 old newspapers.

From the site Newspaper Jewelry, with the motto: “Yesterday’s Newspaper is Today’s Jewelry.” (Side note: these ain’t cheap items: this recycled crossword puzzle necktie costs THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.)

And there’s this terrifying (but kinda awesome?) sculpture combo:

See more here.

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