A complete list of Facebook applications I am currently blocking

The aggregate number of our reactions is never quite apparent until you review your Facebook block list for the first time:


“Which Hogwarts teacher are You?”

Ameba Pico Virtual World

Are you a true Southerner?


Bejeweled Blitz

Between You and Me


Birthday Cards

Bouncing Balls

Bouncing Balls

Bubble Paradise

Bubble Saga

Bubble Town: Party Planet

Café World

City of Wonder


Commonly Confused Words Test

Daily Horoscope

Death´s Time

Doodle Bubble

Family Feud


Farm Town



Fish Wrangler


Fortune Cookie

Fortune Products



Gardens of Time




Guess the Children’s Book

Happy Aquarium

Happy Pets



How “New Yorker” Are You

How Annoying Are You?

How Evil are you?

How good is your Grammar?

How long would you survive alone in the Maine Wilderness?

How many kids will you have?

how much can u love someone????

How Well Do You Know Me?



In what BADASS way will you TOP YOURSELF?

It Girl


Las Vegas Slots


LivingSocial 1-Day Deals

Mafia Wars


Mall World

Maya Pyramid

MindJolt Games

Mobsters 2: Vendetta



My Polls



Qué trendy urbano te identifica?

Quiz Monster


Quiz Whiz

RunHelper apps by Bluefin Software



Sorority Life

SpongeBob Mood

Texas HoldEm Poker

The Official Alpha Delta Pi Application

The Price Is Right Game

Top Fish

To which Lantern Corps do you belong?

Twilight Character? Which are you?


UNO Boost™

What “Periodic Element” are you?

What’s your Native American Indian name?

What’s your personality type?

What 80’s ROCK SONG are you?

What Age Do You Act?

What breed of dog are you?

What Charmed Character Are You?

what country song are you?

What DC superhero are you??

What Decade Fits Your Personality Best?

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

What does your name mean?


What Drug Are You?

What Famous Literary Character Are You?

what gang would you be in?

What Is Your Fatal Flaw?

What is Your LEVEL of AWESOME?


What Jimmy Buffet Song Are You?

What kind of mask do you wear?

What kind of tattoo should you get?

What movie is your life?

What Office character are you?

What old school WWF wrestler are you?

What sort of drunk are you?

What Spice Girl Are You?

What state should you live in?

Whats the chance of your survival on an island?

What type of girl are you?

What type of Home fits you?

What U.S. State Do You Belong To?

What were you in your past life!

What Work of Literature Are You?

When will you get Knocked Up?

When will you have your first baby?

Where will Kanye interrupt you?

Where will you be 10 years from now?

Which 1960’s rockstar are you?

Which 1985 Chicago Bear are you?

Which ancient hero are you?

Which BADASS thing are you?

Which Beatles song are you?

Which Beatles song Are You?

Which Canadian city should you live in?

Which Catholic Saint Are You?

Which celebrity would play you in a movie of your life? (women only)

Which character from “Scooby Doo” are you most like?

Which color best suits your personality?

Which cult movie character are you?

Which Dirty Dancing Character Are You?

Which Fairytale Are You?

which fairytale do you belong in?

Which famous stoner are you?

Which Horror Villain could you be?

Which insanely cool movie character are you?

Which is your Dream Home?

Which Jedi/Sith are you?

Which Movie Musical Leading Lady Are You?

Which of the 7 Deadly Sins Are You?

Which one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey are you?

Which race would you belong to in Middle-Earth?

Which Sailor Scout matches your personality?

Which secret society should you belong to?

Which state should you live in?

Which Steel Magnolias Character Are You?

Which Tattoo Should You Get?

Which television series do you belong in?

Which total badass are you?

Which Transformer Are You?

Which Transformer are you?

Which TRULY Badass Historical Female Are You?

Who’s your Guardian Angel? Hver er Engillinn þinn?

Who Is Your Disney Prince?

Who Will Play You In A Movie Of Your Life

will your first child be a boy, girl, twins and triplets?

Xbox 360 Live Gamercard


Zebra ActionBlox


Red, the rage color

That was, in case you were counting, 163 applications blocked over the years, which I hadn’t even realized. And that’s not even counting the people I blocked (though I can guess the venn diagram of the people blocked and the apps blocked has some major overlap).

The only app I shouldn’t have blocked is the one called “To which Lantern Corps do you belong?” for not only its proper use of grammar but also because I totally already know my answer: Red Lantern Corp, which, as any GL fan knows, encapsulates my burning lantern of rage.

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