The things we go through for free summer shows

Awaiting the Eugene Mirman/Kristen Schaal/Todd Barry/Patton Oswalt/Neil deGrasse Tyson/Jim Gaffigan/They Might Be Giants show at the Williamsburg waterfront show on Friday, when things started to look a teensy bit ominous:
And then the rains came. And came and came. The best thing about being outdoors during a torrential downpour, as confirmed by Tyson, is that you can only be so wet. In about 3 minutes, we were all drenched from hat to Chucks, so, what the hell? Might as well stick it out. The comedians tried their damndest to give a good show to the  good-sport crowd, and Schaal’s Flashdance number was sympathetic, since it involved getting water dumped over her head over and over again.

But there were casualties:

1 — Nearly full Moleskine notebook, drenched, the text now drunkenly running into each other in a bath of blue ink at the page edges.
2 – I borrowed copy of a book, drenched, now in a sad state with pages rebelling from their bindings, probably resulting in me having to purchase a replacement copy.
3- Shoes, shirt, jorts, drenched, eliminating all hopes of hitting on girls at an after party at The Gutter, taking three days to dry.

Still, when it’s the dead of winter and the thought of standing by the river is about as appealing as sleeping with your head packed in ice, I’ll smile back at this day and have no regrets. Well, except for maybe not bringing an umbrella.

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