Xeni Jardin has breast cancer

I just got way too overly emotional reading this tweet from writer, Boing Boinger and all-things-brilliant tech gadfly Xeni Jardin:

I follow Xeni’s work regularly, and even though I don’t know her personally, I think at this point it’s fair to say I’m pretty sick of cancer wreaking a pretty devastating path across this 30 years of life, claiming family, friends and friends who are so close they are most certainly family.

At last count, I am among a group of six close friends who all lost fathers to cancer of one form or another, including three of us to whom it happened with the same three-year period. A gallows humor club known as the Dead Fathers Society. And there’s more and more and more, breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, thyroid, whatever. Does it stop? What else can you do except fight on and on? Tell it, XKCD.

2 responses to “Xeni Jardin has breast cancer

  1. There is one bright spot in all this. When you need something real bad, pull the Dead Dad Card. Barry Schwartz knows what I’m talking about: “Why not? Barry… my father… died. Please?”

  2. i never knew of xeni until now. well that is a lie kind of, i saw the rachel maddow show she was on. but i didn’t look her up or anything… saw someone talking about her today on twitter and looked it up. how. fucking. horrible. :/ i hope she is ok. it makes me jumpy to think of how it went down in her case. live blogging.. oh man.

    my dad died in august of pancreatic cancer. the day steve jobs stepped down and a day after my birthday. it is devastating and exhausting.

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