My unintentional Christopher Hitchens tribute

Hitchens rides a bike. Via Vanity Fair

On Dec. 12, I participated in my third PUNDERDOME 3000 in Park Slope, an event that is exactly what it sounds like (if you’re saying “I mustache you a question” about this, I humbly request you shave it for later).

One of the semi final categories was WILL SMITH; On my turn, I opened with, “I heard that Will Smith’s favorite Atlantic writer was Christopher HITCHens.”

And then, three days later, Christopher Hitchens died  (incidentally giving us the only repeated use of the term “polemicist” in modern obituary history).

If this trend continues, things that also should be on the lookout: Big Willie Smiles, Fresh Prints, Giant Goddamn Steampunk Spider.

RIP Hitch. You were an asshole sometimes, but you were damn good at it, and sometimes I’ll take an asshole who can make words sing over a caring person who doesn’t know the difference between polemics and Pilates.

(OK, final side note: when you google image search “polemics Pilates,” the first result is Maureen Dowd reading Maxim. What does this mean???)

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