David Carr on Russians, escaping the grid and douchey elitists

David Carr of the New York Times was one of the featured guests at Wednesday’s Ask Roulette at Housing Works, along with Starlee Kine (of This American Life), Kurt Braunohler (of Hot Tub w/Kristen Schaal) and Dave Hill (also TAL and elsewhere). The room was packed and Carr was in sharp, biting form as you might have expected (especially if you saw Page One), and these three clips provide a little insight into the things that can make him be drenched in sweat first thing in the morning.

With comedian Dave Hill on the left and host Jody Avirgan of WNYC (off screen), answering a question from Hill, “What is your least favorite time of week?”

Answering a question about whether he’s afraid of turbulence on a flight, and talking a little about his upcoming trip to Russia to promote Page One.

On why Twitter can drive him crazy, why anti-sports elitism is bullshit and making a prediction for the Super Bowl.

“It’s fucking Giants, all the way!”

Also, I talked to Carr afterward and we were interviewed by a strange man with a squirrel puppet and a video camera. As such:

david carr squirrel

After that, we were talking shop for a minute, when Carr grabbed my arm, twisted it toward his wife and said “Yeah, but this guy’s hardcore. Look at his tattoo.”

He said they use a different text to indicate the end of a story at the Times now, but “I like that one better.”

I’ve had worse evenings.

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