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All summer/drinking water

Because apparently I’m a sucker for any song with “summer” in the title, especially this year, I have had this song on repeat for a week now:

It’s sponsored by Converse. So, whatever, big deal. It’s not like they’re succeeding in selling me anything. I mean, at last count, I happen to have a staggering, all-time high, seven pair of chucks in rotation right now. But all that came well before they put Beth Cosentino in a pair of hi-tops.

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Inverted Soapbox heartily endorses (Northside Festival edition)….

… these new bands that immediately entered the download queue after this weekend’s sweat-stained beardstock Northside Festival. Thanks to the good people at the L Magazine for putting on the fest and providing a dollar-per-music value vastly greater than any other fest I’ve seen. Seriously, there was about a week where I was considering oing to SXSW this year to see what the fuss was about. Until I saw what the badges cost, which start at $130 for wristbands and go up to $750 DOLLARS for the all-access music pass (not counting film and interactive badges too). The Northside Festival, while less all-encompassing, cost $50, or just $40 if you had a discount code. I can suffer through a crowd of stinky flannel for that.


The Grates

North Highlands


Slow Club

Elvis Perkins in Dearland

And, after seeing some live performances, continuing to endorse:

Twin Sister

Ava Luna

The Grates

Interview: Steady as she goes

The Hold Steady in Savannah: “Everybody’s invited to this party”

still holding

(The Guide, 5/20/10) Brooklyn-based rock outfit the Hold Steady has been fitted with the title of “America’s bar band,” thanks mostly to their raucous, salutatory guitar jams, which are evocative both of the epic narrative arcs of Bruce Springsteen and the simple rock fundamentalism of Thin Lizzy.

But the title is slightly inaccurate for several reasons. First, the band these days is too much of a big deal to be stuck playing the grimy pubs evoked by their music. But mostly they just don’t spend that much time in bars anymore, since some of its members, such as guitarist Tad Kubler, now have young children (even if his 5-year-old daughter does like to come on tour occasionally).

The Hold Steady earlier this month released its fifth studio album, “Heaven is Whenever.” It’s a payoff of sorts, one that hits on the themes of reward and struggle — something the band sees firsthand as gets lauded by indie sites like Pitchfork while seeing its albums on the featured rack at Target.

“I think that the one thing that we strive for and really enjoy is to become a bigger band,” Kubler said by phone last week. “I always felt that we’re very inclusive. Everybody’s invited to this party. I think people are quick to write us off as cool kids or hipsters or whatever people refer to people who live in Brooklyn as. That’s the opposite of what we’re about.” Continue reading

Friday Happy: GET AT ME SPRING edition


unless you can do it outside:

battery life at 20 percent. Recharge in sun?

Nope, still too nice to blog. Just sticking around long enough to help soundtrack your very springy, nearly summery, photosynthelicious, totally recharging day-before-official spring Friday. These two tracks sum it up quite nicely:

Cults – “Go Outside”

Doesn’t that just make you want to call out of work today? “I’ve got a case of the Holy-shit-I-just-remembered-there’s-an-outside-s!”

She and Him – “In the Sun”

Just try to remember the winter after listening to that song, and watching the adorable video. Ice falling from the sky? Such a ludicrous concept. Next you’ll be telling me you used to have to cover your hands and head with woven wool before even leaving the house.

Inverted Soapbox heartily endorses you going outside today, if you are in the New York City area or some similar area where sunshine is abundant and kind. If you are, say, in Minnesota or somewhere where the winter winds still whip, please continue your indoor blogging. I will read it when the sun explodes.


Lives 1-7, expended

REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin: “When we play live, it’s a riot”

(The Guide, 3/12) The upside to being a band that’s persevered for more than three decades is that you can play anywhere from Mexico City to Savannah and draw a lively crowd.

The downside is that styles and trends change quickly, and your fans tend to best remember your early days. REO Speedwagon lead singer Kevin Cronin, for instance, is often asked to sign copies of the band’s 1979 album “Nine Lives,” the cover of which features the group clad in tight black spandex and leather, with tail-wearing vixens hanging on them and a black panther on a chain in the foreground.

“At the time it was considered cool,” Cronin said with a chuckle in a phone interview last week. “It definitely wasn’t who I was, that’s for sure.”

REO Speedwagon, Edwin McCain

When: 8 p.m. March 13

Where: Johnny Mercer Theatre, 301 W. Oglethorpe Ave., Savannah.

Tickets: $45-$55

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Interview: Keller Williams freeks out

Keller Williams 2.0: The singer has become a ‘Once a Week Freek’

(From The Guide, 3/5/10) Keller Williams’ last local show was his 2008 New Year’s Eve gig at the Shoreline Ballroom on Hilton Head Island. The musician — known as a one-man jam band for his ability to play and loop different instruments — put together a three-pronged show that featured a regular set, an all-request set and a bonus set of “grunge-grass,” his name for bluegrass versions of ’90s hits from Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and the like.

And even though Williams is of the genus of musicians who treats every show like a unique moment meant to be shared by tapers, you won’t find the Hilton Head appearance in the vast pantheon of his music online.

“I was thinking about releasing it, but got talked out of it due to all the licensing issues that have happened to Pearl Jam and Nirvana,” he said. “They keep that stuff pretty close to the chest. But I might sneak it in in my ‘Once a Week Freek.’ ”

Keller Williams

When: 9 p.m. March 6

Where: Live Wire Music Hall, 307 W. River St., Savannah

Tickets: $20 in advance, $23 at the door

Information: 912-233-1192, Continue reading

Hearts attack! The Punks are eating luv songs

Happy snow day!

The cold brutal winds of February, the soaked sneakers trudging through brown slush, the dark edges of night pressing in from both sides like an angry vice can mean only one thing: L@VE!

Why the holiday ostensibly  meant to celebrate and honor amore is situated in the middle of the most depressing, soul-crushing part of the year, I can’t comprehend, except that it probably has something to do with the shady cabal of Hallmark and Hershey conspiring in deviousness to study the holiday-deficient stretch of the winter calendar and deciding it was prime to STRIKE, suckers. But here it comes, and there’s a bunch of stuff going on around town, which I wrote about here, including my favs:

An animal dating and mating program at Prospect Zoo, including a live-animal demo (!!); and a short-movie festival at 3rd Ward with three-minute films all featuring three things: a reference to at least one of the three wise monkeys, a celebrity death and something uncontrollable. Then there’s the un-lovey-dovey stuff, like the Rejection Show at the Bell House and the free Wake for Love and Relationship Obituary open mic at the Knitting Factory; plus the pajama-clad BK Meatup at the Bell House.

Not to say there aren’t people out there who do acts of Good on this emotionally manipulative hollerday, but it rarely resembles the inside content on your typical greeting card (remember on the Real World London where the punk guy’s GF sent him a pig’s heart stuck through with steel nails? Now that’s luv).

I particularly liked this post today from Robert Radish at the Y! Music Blog about Inappropriate Punk Rock Candy Hearts. Quote he:

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