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Well played, Barnes and Noble

I don’t know about your family, but…

From the Union Square B&N. Put down the Monopoly, mom; he new LOADED QUESTIONS is here!

Groupon pile on

and to think there was a day when I was skeptical about buying a Groupon:

$2.72 (plus Groupon) for Spunto pizza, organic crust, added mushrooms and two glasses of wine. Not bat ‘tall. And this on the day the deal for Google to buy Groupon for $6 billion seemed imminent.

ScoutMob, Groupon, Daily Deals and the becoming the way of the future for brokesters and deal-mongerers. Is it “retail hacking,” as Wired called it, or are we the consumers — as Max of Inc. magazine put it — being “hacked” by retailers into spending money on stuff we wouldn’t normally buy?

Up up up

Accidental wisdom at the corner of Third and Atlantic avenues, via a super windy day.

one way up sign

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Death of print in Halloween costume form

From roommate Christine comes this great, not-really-sure-why-I-didn’t-go-as-this costume: The Death of Print

death of print costume

Not pictured: The Twitter Axe that slayed him

It’s her friend Mike Turitzin in SF, who blogs over here.

And he used to work for Google. Semi sorta related linkage: What will Google’s newspaper crusade mean for readers? [FastCompany, a story I found through FastFlip, if that’s any indication]

He’s got radioactive tweets

Found this yesterday:


Peter Parker and Aunt May, from the Amazing Spider-Man #599 (Marvel Comics Sept. 2009)

1. Would it have been less painful, May? Would it? At least they didn’t say the word that rhymes with “leet”

2. Internet classes! LULZZ @OldPeople

There’s a very long blog post to be written about how comic book newspapers are somehow still surviving amid the industry’s decline, but that will have to come later. One simple theory: the way to keep your newspaper in the black is to unknowingly hire a superhero and promise readers non-stop exclusive coverage of their escapades. Except I guess Spider-Man is already scooping them.

And what about Clark Kent? That poor old fashioned country boy never stood a chance against the changing technology:

[Thanks, of course, to @Chozzles for keeping our apartment buried under an avalanche of comics at all times, ensuring that the only even semi-productive work I get done on a Tuesday is to blog about the comic book I just read.]

No more BS


[Warming Glow]

Obama’s health care policy also increases legal protections for extremely literal doctors, and provides a public option for combination analyst/therapist treatment.

But watch out for gun nuts. You will get gun nuts.

Photo of the weekend: Summer lazed

Good old State Street, 11217. From right across the block, circa 4 30 p.m. Sunday:

ez like sunday

ez like sunday

Are those green Crocs? Yes, those are green crocs.