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MEME COMBO! She took your wallet; gave you a deadly outbreak

Origins of the Swine flu revealed!

they met on CL

they met on CL

Thanks again to Megan Lovett, Inverted Soapbox’s resident photoshopper [edit: was in rush before; fixed Megan’s link to work now] [EDIT 2: I guess the photo wasn’t working for everyone before, should be OK now]

Shortly after, the pig’s wallet and cell phone went missing and he received an e-mail that Kari was pregnant.

Spotted: electricity represent

on Court Street today:

utilities truth

utilities truth

"First pants, THEN your shoes"

Great find of the day: real life recreations of Far Side comics. Click here to see the rest.

Big city, small town: photos from a NYC snow day

I never would have guessed how much four years in the South would completely renew my childlike glee at a big snow storm. OK, so I had off today anyway, and should have been doing other work like figuring out my life and preventing homelessness and all that minor nonsense, but there’s still that part of me that can’t resist screaming “SNOWDAYSNOWDAYNOSCHOOLNOSCHOOLNOSCHOOL!” and running out into the streets. So here’s what New York looked like today, with surprises along the way:

30 rock:

Saw a dude proposed in the middle of the ice rink:

she said yes, obvs

Torrential snow pour:

Underground snowfall at Newkirk station:

Outside our front door:

Down Westminster St.:

Christmas trees in Park Slope:

And, of course, the weirdest part of the day, completely randomly running into WSAV reporter and Beaufort County resident Holly Bounds on 5th Ave. this afternoon.

Her and her husband are here on vacation this weekend. This all reinforces my theory about New York: Big city, small town.

It’s a city of 8.2 million, but the amount of random run-ins and such I’ve already seen in New York City makes it seem like friggin Mayberry. Case in point: I met Barry Schwartz for dinner last September when I was home in Jersey for a little while. Walking down the street, we ran into the intern friend of J. Cribbs from the Roanoke Times, who just happened to be passing by. Then last month, I told Robin and her roommate I met someone who works for Family Circle. “Oh Jane?” her roommate said. “Yeah, I know Jane.”

And to think people are scared of New York City.

Common misunderstandings

So maybe I did get a little cocky the other night, telling people I was going to the Common album release party in Manhattan, somewhere below ground in an Upper West Side swank club you needed to know somebody and be on the guest list and offer a bid for Barack Obama’s senate seat to get into. Of course, I don’t actually know anyone, except for Jeff Vrabel in this case, who knows many, many people, including some who still send him invites to album release parties in Manhattan in case he wanted to fly the supersonic jet he owns (thanks to that newspaper salary) to get there from South Carolina in a few hours.

The e-mail he forwarded me said the doors opened at 9, Common would perform at 10:30. I was going by myself since they removed all the plus ones from the list (sorry Barry!) due to the huge interest, so I arrived at the fashionable mid-range time of 9:50. The place was bumping with Hot 97 banners here and there. Some dude wearing a standard Okayplayer fan outfit walked up to me and leaned in to say something.

“Am I supposed to get you a wrist band?” he asked.
“Huh?” I said. He pulled back and looked at me.
“Aren’t you here with Theo?”
“Uh, no.”
“Oh. I thought you were …..uh … you look like this other guy.”

That’s right, I thought. All white people look alike.

The guy ended up helping me get a free drink from the bar anyway. Just as he got to the bartender, the guy on the mike announced that the event was over. “Sorry y’all, we all got early planes to catch in the morning.”

The free drink service had also ended. I did some reporting and it turns out Common did a little performance starting at about 9:30, making this probably the first time in history a hip hop show has started earlier than scheduled (hear that, Kanye?). Then he rolled out. I guess I probably caught maybe the end of the performance when I first walked in but didn’t even realize it. The album, Universal Mind Control, is getting slammed in reviews anyway.

I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed. But I guess it’s a pretty big concession to remember that at Coachella in 2006, Common was the surprise guest who came on stage with Black Star as the three of them played way past the midnight curfew and Mos kept telling Common he would have to pitch in because they were going to pay the fine.

“Wait, how much is the fine?” Common asked, possibly not joking. Then he pulled like $5 out of his wallet.

But I decided to be a paparazzi anyway Monday night as he walked by me:

The club it was held at:

It was cool to be there at least, even if it was kind of a bummer that I didn’t make it in time for the performance. I thought of something though — it’s lame to see a musician in the crowd at a concert but not actually see them perform. But who is it cool to see in the crowd at a show? Actors! Blah to Common the rapper but OH MY GOD LOOK OVER THERE IT’S GREEN LANTERN!!

Or maybe I just didn’t play my cards right.