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Last time in South Carolina primaries

It’s South Carolina primary season! The one quadrennial occasion for the rest of the nation to pay attention to a state with 10 percent unemployment and 51st in the nation education ranking (that’s right, it’s so bad, it’s below the actual number of states we have). All this hoopla reminds me of this classic from the Inverted Soapbox clip file, where John McCain came Hilton Head for a quick campaign stop during the slugfest that was the 2008 nominating process. The event was fast and loose, and the broke underdog felt more like 2000 era McCain in his element rather than the tired 2008 model. And then this happened:

McCain realizes campaigning can sometimes be a real b word.

(Island Packet, Nov. 16, 2007) The question had a cadence and a sharp alliteration that sliced through the yadda-yadda-yadda about Social Security and health care that dominated Sen. John McCain’s campaign stop on Hilton Head Island on Monday.

With news cameras rolling, Wexford resident Linda Burke, prim in a neck scarf and pulled-back hair, leaned forward out of the crowd and asked plainly and emphatically: “How do we beat the bitch?”

That word, henceforth called the “B-Bomb,” referred to Sen. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner who stirs up vituperative feelings deep in the gut of many Republicans.

It turned into the B-Bomb heard ’round the world.

Hilton Head Island resident Linda Burke asks Sen. John McCain a question that has received national media attention.

Burke’s question — and McCain’s reaction — has caught fire with political wonks across the nation, appearing on cable news and turning into the issue du jour for liberal commentators. The blogosphere, that shadowy zone where even the most minuscule thing a candidate says is recorded, dissected, criticized and resent into the digital ether, is having a field day with it. Continue reading

The Year in Cracked Rearview

Seeing as I spend a lot of time writing here — which I do because I enjoy, though it’s hard to escape the feeling of always standing on a ledge and squealing into the abyss, along with thousands of other people who are screaming into their own self-indulgent voids — I figured I should give some content a small chance at a second life. Here then are the top 10 Inverted Soapbox posts of 2010, by traffic numbers. I’m not posting the actual traffic stats (because they would reveal exactly how vast and echoing the void truly is), and I will note that a vast majority of traffic to this site still comes from random google image searching, lingering Hipster Grifter fans or sloppy Beth Costentino stalkers. But a few, like the Chipotle one and the Amazon packaging rant, actually made legitimate rounds, though I was sad to see my interview with Darius Rucker did not create the huge traffic boost I was hoping for. YA USED ME DARIUS.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Continue reading

Rerun: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Songbook

Happy Scott Pilgrim day! The sixth and final installment of the series is released today, so I’m rerunning this post from last February, when I first discovered the glory of the SP. Enjoy!

(Originally posted Feb. 27, 2009)
Here’s the video for the song “Scott Pilgrim” by Plumtree that inspired the graphic novel/Canadian manga of the same name.It’s also being turned into a movie starring George Michael and being directed by Edgar Wright, one of the Britelects (that’s Brits+intellects, fyi) behind Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and the terribly clever show Spaced.

I started reading the Scott Pilgrim books this week and have been devouring them at a rate of two/day since. They were blown into my room on the winds of rave recommendations from the roommates, all who have been singing the series’ praises since I moved it. They’re great little books, irreverent and funny and cute, full of a thousand geek references to old-school Nintendo and comics to make every fangirl or boy feel happy to be part of a bigger creative world (Scott’s band’s name in the book, for

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4

instance, is “Sex Bob-Omb.” When someone asks if Scott and Romona are an item, he visualizes a mushroom, a star and a flower.) They also manage to capture, in doe-eyed, exasperated excitement manga-style, the wandering, confused, sometimes shiftless generational malaise that can haunt the years in the mid-20s when everyone is scouring for direction and meaning in a post-college world. Or at least, I, um, can connect with that.

Plus it dabbles in (or outright states) the dangerous nature of modern relationships and the perils of emotional baggage that can chase after you, sometimes with a gigantic freaking hammer or  psychic vegan powers. Roommate Charlie met the author at Comic-Con and has a signed copy of Vol. 4, plus the special holographic cover version of Vol. 5.

Ramona Flowers

Ramona Flowers

Also, I’m madly in love with Ramona V. Flowers. Ok, she’s a cartoon, and fiction, but I couldn’t help looking around Brooklyn all week long for a real life version approximation. And, no joke, as I’m writing this, a girl who looks pretty damned close came into the coffee shop and sat two tables away.

I probably won’t get up the courage to talk to her. If only I had psychic vegan powers.

Anyway, read it. It’ll make you smile.