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ValenTimes Day Happy: ‘Let’s do it AP Style’

If you’re into such a thing, LOL at at these journalism valentines from 10,000 Words. Missing are some industry related morbid ones, such as “Let’s lay each other off,” or “I’ll give you the a furlough to remember,” or “My news hole may be shrinking, but nothing else is.”

Everyone knows journalists don’t really fall in love, of course; they just have a long-standing joint use agreement in an attempt to gather some consensus with the stakeholders. The subcommittee task force will review your Freedom of Intimacy request and respond to you within 30 days. Your request to waive all applicable fees because the relevant emotions are in the general public interest is DENIED. Please file web updates on the latest relationship status; longer copy will be saved for the weekend, if space permits. Get some art for this relationship. We’d like to centerpiece it since we are low on other love news this week, even if it is just a three-week relationship. Two people got married today in San Luis Obispo. Can we localize?

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