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The best Occupy Wall Street sign?

Via Dave C. from Thursday’s Occupy march.

Sadly, Glass-Steagall will only be coming back to Netflix streaming, exclusively. But man is it one quotable act.

Inverted Soapbox Heartily Endorses…


if you’re not watching this show, please take a moment to consider what other non-brilliant crap you’re stuffing your brain with and whether watching attention whores duke it out for various fabricated reality show prize titles is any better than investing thought activity into a deliciously nerdy, cleverly written, genre-pushing cartoon on the same channel that brought us Day Man. It combines what this blog considers to be three of the greatest forces in recent television: 1) the voice of H. Jon Benjamin, who has yet to do any ungood project at all; 2) the guys behind Sealab 2021, the show that helped lead the Adult Swim revolution that reclaimed animation as a post-modern art form and greatly shaped the balance of my college career; and 3) several cast members from Arrested Development, including Jessica Walter, Judy Greer and a guest appearance by Jeffrey Tambor. Continue reading

Friday Happy 010110 edition: Top that!

Happy 10s!! It seems only appropriate to ring in the new decade with a nod to one of the most tragically underappreciated parts of the aughts, Arrested Development, and a fat reference to those halcyon days of two decades ago, and a little movie that played a part in many a bored Saturday, Teen Witch.

So enjoy Alia Shawkat, aka Maeby Fumke (her?) recreating the 80s-cheesalicious top-that “rap” scene:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

watch the original here, which, as Flavorpill points out, stars Robyn Lively, older half-sister of Blake Lively. It’s a promo for fashion designer Rachel

top this

Antonoff. The internet is great because we get things like this without even asking. Just look at how funky they are.

Happy new year! We will continue to hold out hope for the Arrested Development movie sometime this decade. If not, at least 20 years from now we’ll get to watch some retro-style recreation of classic banana stand banter.

NOTE this image taken from the site http://www.jesus-is-savior.com and its anti-teen wiccan page. They don’t care for Sabrina either.

No more BS


[Warming Glow]

Obama’s health care policy also increases legal protections for extremely literal doctors, and provides a public option for combination¬†analyst/therapist treatment.

But watch out for gun nuts. You will get gun nuts.