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Web clip: Get rolling with Bike Month in Brooklyn

your bike isnt this cool

your bike isn't this cool, but it still beats a car

(Brokelyn 5/3) In case it’s not clear why your favorite brokesters-in-arms are celebrating Bike Month, let’s break it down for you. 1) It’s getting to be waaay too nice to spend an hour or so every day underground. Bike instead, and that’s $4.50 round-trip right there, plus sunshine; 2) Dodging speeding SUVs, racing over the Brooklyn Bridge and stand-up peddling past ice cream trucks is a hell of a workout, and with exponentially better scenery than stale Fresh Prince reruns on the gym TV. BAM! You just saved a $100 membership fee. You get the point. Brooklyn equals bike-friendly, biking equals health-friendly and wallet-friendly, wallet-friendly… well, let’s just go celebrate Bike Month in Brooklyn. Here’s a starter list and some great-sounding (free) events:

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