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Daily Show reservation fail

I’ve been lucky enough to go to two tapings of The Daily Show since moving to New York. The first, the guest was Colin Firth, and resulted in one of the Most Awesome Life Achievements Ever. The second was Jude Law, keeping up a trend of seeing  dreamy British actors. I snagged tix again a few months ago for a taping this upcoming Wednesday and have been anxiously awaiting the guest lineup. Here it is:



I have nothing against Jon Hamm, other than I had no idea who he was at first (Mia Hamm’s husband?), and realized, upon checking Wikipedia, that I’ve never seen anything he’s done. But, c’mon! Two former heads of the most powerful countries in the world, and the proprietor of the Fashionable Male (who, by the way, kills it every time on The Daily Show)? Lousy ticket aim, me. No, I’m not going to watch Mad Men now. I’m not going to start watching it just to annoy you.

I still have a soft spot for Affleck, despite his poor life decisions, because, he was pretty integrable part of New Jersey related cinema during my impressionable teenage years. To quote Kevin Smith from his Evening with Kevin Smith DVD:

There’s a dude named Mark Steven Johnson who’s directing Daredevil. He’d been hanging around while we were shooting the movie. He said, ‘Who could play Daredevil?’ And I said, “Affleck.” ‘Cause that’s my answer for everything. I’m a big fan, so I think he can play anything. If people are like, “Jaws?” I’m like, “Affleck. Affleck plays the fucking shark.”