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The blogeoise ain’t broke

Best comment from the Brokelyn end-of-summer party yesterday:

We were playing the guess-which-wine-is-cheapest game (like broke people do), when editor Faye was suddenly shocked at the lavish price on one of the reds.

“Eight dollars?” she said. “What is this, a Brownstoner party?”


Yes, this is the nerdiest insider BK blog joke ever. But it’s still fun to laugh at the blogeoise every now and then (and yes, this makes us the blogletariat).

Here’s some profiles of a few of the blogs that turn a profit, though still not a huge one, unless you are Perez Hilton, in which case, please choke on some pink hair dye (not to death, mind you, just to a level of extreme discomfort, because I don’t doubt that Perez actually works hard to keep his site going, it’s just that his subject matter makes my head feel like it’s infested with bed bugs).