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Thanksgiving weekend happy: I see a little silhoutte of a clam

This blog has a welldocumented pro-Muppet bias. As does this reporter, who spent a long week and many run-on sentences senior year in college describing the origins of the campus pride and unified excitement that surrounded the unveiling of the below statue [a link to which does not still exist on any internet]. Plus, it’s Thanksgiving week

the original Bohemian rhapsody

and most of the hemisphere is fatted and slow after being crammed full of various¬†permutations of the turkey meme, meatless or otherwise, and we’re all in need of some comforting family fare to soften the season, particulary of the kind that doesn’t make ¬†our heart impale itself on a shank made of rib cage slivers.

So I therefore feel justified posting this, even considering the high likelihood you’ve seen it by now, just to ensure you do not miss it, and maybe so you’ll appreciate it again:

The Muppets sing “Bohemian Rhapsody”

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