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LIVE teevee debut!

Team Brokelyn and Brian Lehrer

Brian Lehrer, Faye Penn (on screen), Rocky Mills and some hobo they pulled in off the street

So someone pointed out that I’m slouching. But whatever, at least I wasn’t biting my nails or sneezing uncontrollably. Brokelyn was invited to come on Brian Lehrer Wednesday, and the link to the video podcast is at the bottom, if you’re interested. This certainly beats previous sorta-live TV appearances, via Fox News.

As I wrote for Brokelyn (which may or may not appear on the actual site, it’s too early to tell):

So, here’s the thing: if you invite writers from a website dedicated to finding the glory and guile of brokeness around every corner to come onto your Manhattan-based high-def TV show, you shouldn’t be surprised when one of them ransacks the green room free pastry plate and soda table (and makes a to-go plate on the way out).

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Brian Lehrer is all right by me

wow, this blog is getting horribly self-promotional of late. But if you didn’t care, what’s stopping you from leaving?

Inverted Soapbox and Team Brokelyn will be on Brian Lehrer LIVE tonight at 7:30.

It’s NY cable channel 75, I hear, and I have to take the internet’s word for it because we have no television.

Show link, which doesn’t have much more info.

It’ll be available as a video podcast eventually. That’s right: you can finally have a tiny me in your pocket at all times.

Quotes about Brian Lehrer, from his show’s site:

“I listen to Brian Lehrer… Wow, I love that guy. I love the show.” – Jon Stewart  (in a speech at a New Yorker Magazine forum)

“Usually a pretty fair and smart guy” – Bill O’Reilly (on his show)

“You are it. You are the man.” – Thomas Friedman (on “The Brian Lehrer Show”)