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Web clip: Martha and me, BFFs for life

from Brokelyn 10/25, in which I spent five hours stalking Martha Stewart under the Brooklyn Bridge:

Martha! Martha! Martha!


Martha with her niece Sophie Herbert, and her French bulldog Francesca. Photos by Mark S. Bernal.

Martha Stewart was all up in the Brooklyn Flea in DUMBO on this gorgeous Sunday, tasting some goodies and generally causing a big commotion with her camera crew, entourage and French bulldogs in tow. But what brought the queen of home craftiness into the county of Kings?

Turns out she’s doing a whole hour on Brooklyn, which may also include her stops at Marlowe and SonsMarlowe and Daughters, a rooftop garden and some of the different food factories. Her posse said the show (doubly titled Martha: The Martha Stewart Show) is supposed to air Nov. 10, though it’s subject to change. “We love Brooklyn,” she gushed to us (only because we stalked her all afternoon) after sampling the wares from a handful of vendors. So which ones will make the TV cut—and what else did she have to say?

READ IT. It’s a good thing.

Web clip: The Brooklyn Flea

From Brokelyn’s running tally of all flea markets in the borough:

The Brooklyn Flea

Lafayette Ave. and Vanderbilt Ave.
C: Lafayette Ave., G: Clinton/Washington Ave., 2/3, 4/5, B/D/Q, M/N/R: Atlantic Ave. – Pacific St
Saturdays, 10  to 5flea 1

The daddy of all flea markets in the borough, Brooklyn Flea features a sprawling and impossible-to-categorize collection of detritus and treasures from well more than 100 vendors. It’s the place to go for basically everything: used furniture, old records, mint-condition typewriters, mid-80s Michael Jackson trading cards, used bicycles, original Playboy prints, Freddy Krueger action figures, army jackets and a wide selection of vintage clothing. You also can find loads of artisan goods, such as hand-decorated shoes, crafty T-shirts and jewelry made of old vinyl records. To help keep you going, the flea supplies some interesting food items such as handmade popsicles (People’s Pops) and Banh Mi-style hot dogs (Asia Dog). It’s as much a social flea2scene as a shopping experience: Celebs such as Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Devandra Banhart are occasionally spotted there browsing the records.

(fotos by me)

Actual Occurences: Esquire foto shoot at the BK Flea?

An e-mail on a subject I never would have expected to be involved in, nor sought out in any way. It’s great when failure finds you when you aren’t even looking for it:

Sorry for the mass email, but in the end I met quite a few people, so its the only way!

THANK YOU all for letting me take your pics for the Esquire photo shoot, I am afraid you didn’t get it this time!
But if its ok with you, I will keep you on my books and contact you again when a project I think you might be suited for comes my way.
Please stay in touch with me and let me know if phone/email changes.
Thanks again, I really enjoyed meeting you all!
Thanks again!
(Random Casting Agent Who Approached Me at the Brooklyn Flea Saturday)

By Us
casting and production

This is what it sounds like: a woman with a camera approached me as I was getting onto my bike to head to work Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea asking to take my picture for this photo shoot. $200 if chosen, she said. I assumed it was some sort of scam but found little risk in handing over my contact info in exchange for a minute of foto time. I didn’t get the specifics on what kind of foto shoot it was, though I assume it was something involving destitute-looking young artsy types who pay $3 for Michael Jackson trading cards and appeal to the hipster chic markets of the world

I was a few minutes late to work that day because of this. But in all fairness, I

was wearing a shirt with a friggin eagle on it screaming freedom across my chest, so it was probably pretty hard to resist taking a photo of on Indie-pendence Day.

(foto by Megan Lovett)

Bands Brooklyn Likes Right Now, as Evidenced by T Shirts Seen at the Brooklyn Flea

Matt and Kim

Cold War Kids

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The Misfits


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