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BK tornadoes nearly killed George Bailey 121 years ago

Yesterday’s maybe/maybe not tornado was hardly the first to rock the county of King’s. I’m not sure who first found these 19th century Brooklyn Eagle clips, but they were posted online from the Brooklyn Public Library:

BK Eagle June 22, 1858 full article BK Eagle, Jan 10, 1889 full article

Highlight from the 1889 story: “The varnish factory of George W. Bailey had one corner of the building blown down by the force of the gale.” George! Everything will be OK!!

And a meandering, meditative highlight  from the 1858 incident:

“From the contemplation of the harrowing spectacle, the mind turns in horror mingled with the sorrowful sympathy which goes out to the stricken sufferers from every kind heart and generous mind. Nothing more appalling has taken place in this country in recent years. It makes a shocking contribution to the list of disasters with which the new year has unhappily opened, conveys a sharp and penetrating reminder of the helplessness of man when the gigantic forces of nature are arrayed against him, and emphasizes the fact that, after all, the climatic and atmospheric conditions amid which we live grant no immunity from the dangers monopolized [I think some text is missing here] longer much comfort for the inhabitants of this Temperate Zone in reflecting upon the horrors of the simoon, the earthquaake, volcanic eruptions at Krakatoa and elsewhere and the march of pestilence beneath Southern skies. Beside and earthquake, we have had one blizzard, and now follows the tornado, bringing to our doors not only the story of death and destruction but an intimation that the scope of its deadly work is becoming broader every year.”

They don’t write em like that any more.



Everyone in NY today was stunned by the sudden, furious and fast storm that swept through the city and left much carnage in its wake, even killing someone in Queens when a tree fell on a car. Was it actually a tornado? As of press time, the Weather Service was still looking into it. But it certainly looked hellaciously windy from our 5th floor perch on State Street. Here’s what was going on just one block over on State Street between 3rd Ave and Nevins, where you will see one very large tree was uprooted (though it did not appear any person or property was injured).

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As roommate Lars put it: So much for being the Greenest Block in Brooklyn.

But seeing as this is 2010, every single second of this tornado/whatever has already been internet catalogued and is now googleable. Brooklyn365 has a good roundup of videos of the storm, and Pat’s Papers posted this one of some bros doing as bros do in a crisis (hint: saying “DUDE!!” a whole lot) in what could likely become the Double Rainbow video of this news event. But NY Mag is the winner so far by finding the best torNYdo pic so far, featuring Twitter user Jazzy BK and her niece Sara:

what are you looking at?

All this, by the way, appeared on the internet within 30 minutes of the branches falling outside our windows, long before even the WCBS news van showed up on State Street that evening. Crowd sourcing!