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Is journalism boot camp worth $500?

From mediabistro:

Not included in the cost: the price of eternal rejection

sorry but if you have $500 to spend, you are way ahead of the game already:

In this changing media climate, it’s more important than ever to stand out as a top writer. This class will give you the edge to land more assignments.

Each week, you’ll push yourself to research, write, and pitch a new piece. Classes will begin with your instructor’s lectures, but will primarily be devoted to workshopping student writing.

Assignments include a service/how-to piece, an arts and culture review, a profile, a metro section piece, an editorial, a business/news article, a personal essay, and at least two pitch letters.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to write a pitch an editor can’t turn down [uh-huh-Ed.]
  • Which print and online publications are most freelancer friendly
  • How to work with editors so they’ll want to work with you

By the end of class, you will have:
A complete portfolio of 7 publishable articles that will impress any editor, the ability to work under tight deadlines, and the know-how to create the career you want.

What say you? Is this kind of information worth half a grand? Is it possible to teach? For the record, other things you can get for less than $500: a stint at Ladies’ Rock Camp, an iPad to read Rupert’s new paper, approx. 76 Chipotle burritos, the food my own journalism education was entirely fueled by in college.

NEW CHIPOTLE BURRITO and where to get it

In probably the most food-consciously satisfying news to come along since it was discovered that Bacos are 100 percent vegan, PETA2 (PETA’s tubular teen branch) announced last week it has named Chipotle as the Best Fast Food Chain.

Chipotle won the Libby Award (short for “liberation”) for its dedication to sustainable farm practices, commitment to serving only humanely raised meats, and extremely veg- and vegan-friendly menu. This is fantastic news because: A) Chipotle is unfailingly delicious and satisfying, so much so that I (and others) have been known to order two burritos at once with the intention of saving one for dinner, only to take both to the head in under an hour; and B) Our love of it is doubly justified when you can actually feel decent about the company and products you are supporting, with their damn ethics and everything. The PETA2 press release dropped some news about a new roasted vegetable, all-vegan burrito the company is testing out.

The restaurant also recently introduced a vegan “Garden Blend” burrito, which features vegan chicken, grains, and marinated vegetables and is available at select locations in New York City and Washington, D.C.

So, seeing as Inverted Soapbox has been dabbling in dairy reduction of late, we decided to do some reporting to find out where to find this neorrito. Answer, via Shannon Kyllo, Chipotle marketing consultant:

Currently, we are just testing Garden Blend at our DuPont Circle location in Washington D.C. and our Chelsea West location in New York. Those are the only two locations we are testing this in right now, but we hope all goes well so we may offer it in all of our restaurants.

Say it with me now: NEW CHIPOTLE BURRITO. Remember in The Wizard where they unveil A NEW GAME!! and it’s Super Mario 3? Excitement is parallel. Continue reading