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Took it to my stash box, again

As I hopped on my bike last night to go to the Brooklyn Meat Up, I saw a large truck unpacking equipment across the street in front of 560 State Street, the now-famous location of Jay Z’s stash box that you’ve heard blaring from everyone’s ear buds on the train.

I thought: “Wouldn’t it be funny if Jay Z were about to play?”

Funny, indeed:

Jay Z rapped here

Jay Z rapped here

It’s a fuzzy picture from roommate Brittany’s phone, but that is indeed the stashing one in black jacket plaid shirt by the door. Britt says it looked like they were filming part of the video for “Empire State of Mind” there since they kept playing that one line about 560 State Street over and over and over again (loudly).

All this a week after BAM on the other side of the street hosted the VH1 Hip Hop honors. Forget Bed Stuy. Boerum Hill is now the most baller hip hop part of BK. We’ve even got a 24-hour pot dealer.