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Actual Occurences: Esquire foto shoot at the BK Flea?

An e-mail on a subject I never would have expected to be involved in, nor sought out in any way. It’s great when failure finds you when you aren’t even looking for it:

Sorry for the mass email, but in the end I met quite a few people, so its the only way!

THANK YOU all for letting me take your pics for the Esquire photo shoot, I am afraid you didn’t get it this time!
But if its ok with you, I will keep you on my books and contact you again when a project I think you might be suited for comes my way.
Please stay in touch with me and let me know if phone/email changes.
Thanks again, I really enjoyed meeting you all!
Thanks again!
(Random Casting Agent Who Approached Me at the Brooklyn Flea Saturday)

By Us
casting and production

This is what it sounds like: a woman with a camera approached me as I was getting onto my bike to head to work Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea asking to take my picture for this photo shoot. $200 if chosen, she said. I assumed it was some sort of scam but found little risk in handing over my contact info in exchange for a minute of foto time. I didn’t get the specifics on what kind of foto shoot it was, though I assume it was something involving destitute-looking young artsy types who pay $3 for Michael Jackson trading cards and appeal to the hipster chic markets of the world

I was a few minutes late to work that day because of this. But in all fairness, I

was wearing a shirt with a friggin eagle on it screaming freedom across my chest, so it was probably pretty hard to resist taking a photo of on Indie-pendence Day.

(foto by Megan Lovett)