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Ghosts of editors past

Among the reasons I miss my former editor, Fitz McAden of the Island Packet:

via sports editor Justin Jarrett, who adds: “The photo doesn’t do it justice. He has several days’ stubble and is wearing flannel pajama pants and house slippers.”



Evidence of media bias? Dislike button.

As first spotted by Megan Lovett:


This confirms it: the US media are totally in the tank for Team Coco. Hey, journalists, maybe this is why you SHOULDN’T PUT YOUR POLITICAL PREFERENCES ON FACEBOOK?? Remember after the ’08 election how many status updates you saw from reporters commenting on the outcome? The wall between public reputation and private life is crumbling rapidly, so let’s be careful out there and not think that you’re still just chatting among friends. To quote former reporter buddy Daniel Brownstein, who, in filling in the “Politics” part of his profile responded with “get me fired.”

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(belated) Friday Happy: SC Second Congressional District All-Star Edition

All this Joe Wilson news has sent my nostalgia gears into overdrive! I’ve been wrested out of my always frantic, rainy, gray Brooklyn bubble to remember those long, hot summer and fall days in Beaufort County, South Carolina, where I spent four years working for The Island Packet, sharing an occassional boat ride with our formerly innocuous congressman or dodging the all-too-common bison stampede or raging alligator attack.

I just booked my first flight down to Hilton Head since leaving for the wedding of some good friends from the paper, who also informed me this week that they, along with just about everyone else I knew at the paper, is quitting and going elsewhere, partly due to the terribly depressing situation that is this specific iteration of the industry’s death throes.

So for Friday happy this week (yes, I know it’s way past Friday), I’ve complied an all-star list of Second Congressional District related items, as an homage to the friends, talented writers and unique personalities I encountered down there, and because it’s the only time that district has made national news for a political, non-missing persons-related story in many years.

First, Joe Wilson (real name Addison)! The memories we had together! The days spent on the phone, the thumbs ups he gave to constituents at public meetings, where — make no mistake — the people loved him. His reelection is not in doubt, and, in all likelihood, is even more assured after his outburst (just mire through the comments on this AP story the Packet ran if you need proof)

So here are two of our favorite Joe Wilson pictures of all time. Credit goes to Jay Karr/Island Packet.



constituent services

constituent services

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